Can I Get Used To Dentures Easily?

Dentures take some getting used to, but most people seem to get used to them in just a couple of weeks. Some people have to learn how to eat with them, though get the hang out it quickly.

You can eat normally with dentures, though when you first get them, it’ll take a while to get used to and comfortable with hard and sticky foods. Chewing gum, however, is not a good idea. Some chemicals in the gum can break down the plastic in your dentures and wear them down, which could mean breaking them and needing to pay for another pair. Gum can also permanently stain your dentures. It doesn’t matter what brand the gum is, gum is ultimately not going to sit well with dentures.

You can also sleep in dentures, though it’s advised against. You should be taking them out at night and letting them soak in cleaning water. If you decide to wear them in at night, you should take time out of your day at some point to clean them. It is very unhealthy to wear them for more than twenty-four hours straight, and can also lead to your dentures breaking down.

When you first get your dentures, you may feel a bit of pain or irritability. That is completely normal, and can even last up to a month. As your mouth becomes more accustomed to the dentures, the pain will fade. If it hurts too much, then schedule an appointment with your denturist. They’ll help with making it hurt less and be more comfortable.