How Long Do Dentures Last?

How long do dentures last? Most dentures, partial and complete, last at least five years. They will need to be readjusted or relined every now and then, though. The average for the time in-between adjustments is about two years. This time will depend on your oral health and eating habits. Your denturist can help you figure out when to get new dentures or readjust your current ones.

Implants will last around twenty years if you take care of them properly and go for regular checkups. Some parts of the implants may need to be replaced every now and then due to wear and tear, but other than that, they should last around twenty years.

Your health, eating habits, and oral hygiene can affect both the life of implants and dentures, as well as if you smoke or grind your teeth. If any of these are a problem, your dentures and implants will not last as long. You can ask your denturist about the specifics depending on what applies to you.